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Kid Tech Coach Units & Lesson Plans 


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I’ve been working on Kid Tech Coach, a technology tutorial website for students by students and I’m so excited to launch it soon.

I’m looking for units and lesson plans on how to create or how to identify a good tutorial. I’m looking for any grade level, any curriculum links, or any subject matter.

Your unit or lesson plan will be posted on Kid Tech Coach with a link to your website, teacherspayteachers store or anything else you would like. It’s a great chance to add something else to your resume too.

If you have already created one or would like to create one, please email or

Thanks so much!

Kid Tech Coach -Legal Questions

Hi All,

I’m working on getting Kid Tech Coach publicized and going but I’m coming up with some questions that I need help with.

The whole idea about Kid Tech Coach is students being the expert and sharing tutorials online but I’m curious about parental permission. In the ‘Submit a Video’ tab, I ask for for their first and last name, email address, and if they are a student/parent/teacher/or other. I do ask for Parental Permission and it says “I have my parents permission to share this video with you”

I would also love to post their first name, city, and country.

I would love your advice about how to go forward with this.

Kid Tech Coach 

Recently I became a Google Education Trainer (GET). I honestly felt so excited to be listed among all of these amazing educators and I knew that my connection to the trainer community would inspire me to be better and more creative.

I’m pretty involved in the Ottawa education community. I have planned Edcamp Ottawa, Playdate Ottawa, am a co-founder of ONEdchat and Think Tank Ottawa. I love to plan events and create spaces for people to learn from each other. When I became a GET I wanted to do something bigger. I kept on thinking about what the education community needed. I am always trying to inspire non-techy teachers to get involved and try something new. I love Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and know how empowering it is for students. I wanted to make it easy for non-techy teachers to teach their students GAFE. I first thought of making step by step videos that teachers could play in their classroom and learn with the students. But then I realized, students do not want to listen to another teacher, they want to listen to their peers. Students listen more and learn better when their peers explain something than when teachers do, so I created Kid Tech Coach.

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This website is to provide training for GAFE and other technology for students using videos made by other students. This is a way that students can share their expertise in technology and show their learning.

As an educator, this is a great way for our students to create a positive digital footprint, and it teaches our students collaboration, communication, technology skills and creativity. It also encourages students to learn digital media principles, such as engaging with an audience, production principles, etc.

Please follow us on facebook, twitter, and check out our blog (still in it’s early production).

If you have any videos of students that are already created giving tutorials on technology, you can submit the videos here.