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Occasional Teacher Trainings

At Edcamp Ottawa this past weekend, there was a session all about occasional teachers, the process and the struggles.  I remember being an occasional teacher (OT) for the OCDSB and was so frustrated with the wait to get my own classroom.


During the session I talked about spending your time as an OT learning and getting ready for your future classroom and students.

Afterwards, I spoke to the two OT’s running the session, Jessica Davis and Courtney White. I told them I had the idea in the past of giving training sessions to OT’s who wanted to learn. We decided to put it into action.

We are sending around the below form to ask you what you want to learn about. We are hoping to put together a bunch of sessions that will help OT’s learn relevant information to help them in their future classrooms and with their future students. We are only collecting your email so we can email you when we figure out when these sessions will be.

Please fill out the form below and please share it with your OT friends!

Get Connected: Professionally and in your Classroom

On July 14th, 15th, and 16th I was honoured to present “Get Connected: Professionally and in your Classroom” for ETFO’s Summer Academy. I was a 3 day course that I created, organized and presented.

Maybe you are interested in this course but could not attend so I’ve decided to share my 3 day presentation and resources I used in the course with you.

The course covers:

To get the entire course, click on the picture below

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.18.01 PM

Crowdsourcing the Ontario Curriculum

Scott Monahan has started an amazing collaboration project. He is trying to gather all of the Ontario Curriculum on one spreadsheet/database for easy referencing. He is asking for teachers to help and choose a grade and subject to enter into the Google Form he has created.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.52.38 AM

If we all chip in and do our part, an amazing resource will be created for all Ontario educators to use. If you help out, you will also have your name on the document when it is completed. What a great idea and opportunity!

If you are interested in helping out, check out the website here.


Amazing Things Do Happen

Last November 8th, I organized and attended Edcamp Ottawa. The highlight of my day that Chris Webb and James Petersen drove from Montreal to be there.


After an amazing day of learning from them, we went out for a drink to chat and catch up. They both encouraged me to apply to become a Google Education Trainer. I sort of laughed it off, thinking that there was no way that I would ever be able to get there. They pushed and offered to help me out if they could.

I decided to try to make my application but after reviewing it, I realized that I didn’t much training experience. I decided to wait, start training in my school and then apply later on.

I reached out to my school and noticed that staff was interested in learning about Google Apps for Education. So I set up a weekly time and a schedule we would cover. I covered Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Forms, Chrome Browser-Add Ons and Extensions, and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.04.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.05.07 PMMy staff seemed very positive about the trainings and learned a lot.

After the trainings were done, I restarted my Google Education Trainer Case Study Application.

This week I found out that I had been selected to become a Google Trainer. I’m so excited for opportunities to come! Amazing things do happen with support from amazing people like James, Chris, and Jeffrey Humphries!

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It’s not a competition

Becoming Connected

Blogging and being in Twitter has changed my life and my teaching. By connecting with other amazing educators I am continually inspired. I can’t help but feel like I’m not doing enough. I see educators travelling around the world presenting, creating global projects, writing books, tweeting all the time and I wonder how I can compete with that?

Life is not a competition (2)

I can’t. It isn’t possible. I need to focus on my own journey. I’ve only really been teaching for 2 years and in that time, I believe I’ve gone beyond and above.

We all have our own journey. We all travel at our own pace. If I keep focusing on making a difference, I will get there.

Big Week of Big Steps

This week I am swamped. So busy but I’m honestly thrilled. I’m taking action on goals that I have made and it all starts this week.

On this Tuesday morning I’m going to start training my colleagues at my school to use GAFE (Google Apps for Education). This week we are focusing on Gmail and I’m so excited. The response from my school hasn’t been exactly what I would have hoped for but I’m trudging on and excited to inspired some of my colleagues about the awesomeness of GAFE. This is the next step so I can become a Google Trainer and I’m hoping I’m successful!

Also this week, my 2nd book chat starts. We are reading Making Thinking Visible and 47 amazing educators signed up to talk about the book. I’m so excited because this is such an amazing book and the book chat’s hashtag is #bowkerbooks which is just so fun for me.

Big steps will either have Big Fails or Big Successes. Time will tell but I’m excited either way!

My Word for 2015

For a new year, I need a word, one single word to define the upcoming year. I got this idea from the amazing Emily Fitzpatrick. Check out her word for 2015 here.


I thought about about my word for a while. I really wanted to commit to this word and have it as the basis for 2015. I thought about my word being health,
focus, or enjoy.

The word I decided on is care.

I want to take care of myself. This means eating healthier, figuring out my food allergies, and working out.

I want to continue taking care of my students and help them be the best they can be.

I want to care about myself enough to voice my opinion and figure out what I really want to focus on.

I also want to care about myself more by balancing work and my personal life. I want to focus on doing activities that I enjoy such as cooking, crafts and photography.

What is your word for 2015?

Starting the Google Trainer Process

This past summer I started my journey of becoming a Google Educator. I had a hard time with the exams, just because I struggle with exams in general. To see my advice on how to pass you Google Educator exams, click the link.

I met James Peterson at the 2013 Edcamp Ottawa. We got along great right away and I asked him to help me with my Google sites. I chatted online with him many times through Canadian Edchat (@cdnedchat) and when I attended GAFE Ottawa Summit I got the chance to meet his friend Chris Webb (@Crippit). These guys together are so fun, so geeky (I mean that in the best way), and so insanely smart.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 6.41.31 PM

A picture of us and the amazing Emily Fitzpatrick at the GAFE Ottawa Summit.

At the GAFE Ottawa Summit, I decided to follow them around all day trying to learn as much as I could from them. After the GAFE Ottawa Summit they decided to come to Edcamp Ottawa 2014 and again made such an impact on everyone’s learning around them. They even encouraged me to apply for a Google Trainer position.

B17kqu2CQAIzKCnThe boys and I at Edcamp Ottawa.

After Edcamp, I went home encouraged to apply to become a Google Educator. As I started my application I realized that I never have done any real Google training. I have helped teachers problem solve or quickly show them neat tricks for google but never a real training session.

I decided that my goal for this year would be to do some trainings in my school and help teachers use GAFE better professionally and with their students. I created a Google Form and am currently collecting information about when and what they want to learn about. I’m excited for this next step and I’m hoping to apply to become a Google Trainer in the next application process.

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