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The Daily 5: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 discusses the key materials, concepts, and routines that you need to know about to launch the Daily 5 program.

Establishing a Gathering Place

  • in your classroom have a large open space where the whole class can comfortably sit on the floor
  • need to include chart paper, the anchor charts created by the class
  • allows us to have the classes focus with distractions

Good Fit Books

  • good fit books are books that independently can be read by children with 99% accuracy
  • important to instill early because we want the students to carry this with them when they pick out books at the library or store
  • not reading at this level will cause frustration
  • IPICK- I- choose a book, P-Purpose-Why do I want to read it?, I- Interest-Does it interest me?, C-Comprehend-Am I understanding what I am reading?, K-Know-I know most of the words
  • There is a great example about shoes and how it fits in with books on pg 30-32
  • On the first day help all your students choose 3-8 good fit books so they have something to go to

Setting Up Book Boxes

  • Can ask parents if they are getting rid of books to donate them to your classroom, or to keep their eyes open when they are at grage sales or thrift stores.

Anchor Charts

  • permanentlydisplay certain anchor charts: students are constantlyreferring to it

Short Intervals of Repeated Practice

  • class brainstormscorrect behaviours
  • children model this in front of the class
  • the whole class goes and practices the behavior at the centers for 3 minutes
  • If any child gets off task, you immediately call all the students back to the carpet (DO NOT PUNISH THE CHILD)
  • when all children are successful for 3 minutes, then we add one minute


  • use a medium loud signal so it gets everyones attention but isn’t too loud Ex/chimes
  • discuss what it would look like when they hear the chime
  • practice being noisy, chime, and then coming to the carpet several time

Check in

  • Get the students to self reflect on how they did at the centers: thumbs up if they were independent and successfulwith that behaviour or thumbs to the side if they were somewhat successful and can improve

Correct Model/Incorrect Model

  • begin with a discussion of what the skill looks like
  • have a student demonstrate the skill and have the other students point out each behaviour (ex/reading quietly…)
  • next comes the demonstration of the incorrect model, choose a challenging child s they get attention for being funny, we point out behaviours we want to discourage, and then we correct the behaviors (enjoys the positive attention)

The Daily 5: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 was focused on the core foundation: Trust, Choice, Community, Creating a sense of urgency, building stamina, and get out of the way.


  • need to build trust
  • have trust between teacher and students and students themselves
  • trust the class/students to do any task example: each take 2 chips(instead of passing them out yourself), checking out books and so on
  • we gradually build trust and build behaviours so we can trust the students to manage on their own


  • students feel comfortable and safe with structure and routine
  • allowed to choose the Daily five Activities
  • student’s choice will depend on their goals, mood and motivation
  • Choice is highly motivation


  • begins with getting to know each other on the 1st day of school
  • the community provides its members with ownership to hold other accountable
  • if one student succeeds in a goal-the whole community rejoices
  • if one student is disrupting, the whole community helps the student get back on track

Sense of urgency

  • We need to know why we have to do something. That is why the Daily 5 explicitly states why they are learning the task at hand.
  • teaches the students to be responsible for their learning
  • each task is clear (you read to yourself, you read to someone, you listen to reading…) so the activity becomes a worthy concentrated effort


  • slowly build up your classes stamina for independent work, this will prevent frustration
  • add a minute each new day until you reach the time you want

Stay out of the way

  • stay out of the way and let them read
  • we want the student to make their won decisions and monitor themselves
  • DO NOT interrupt them to praise them, they will depend on your reinforcement

My Thoughts:

  • I love that the sisters want you to make the program your own. This is so important
  • Great guidelines about how to make the Daily 5 work and run smoothly
  • How can we trust ‘difficult’ students?

The Daily 5: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of this book is an introduction so it is pretty vague. I really enjoyed how the authors talked about the chaos of their first years as teachers.  We have all felt that way and it gave me hope that this system could really work.

They talk about taking time (approx 20 days) to build your classroom community, define and practice behaviours, build stamina, and assess your new students needs.  I also love this because I have seen the difference between classes that do this and that don’t.  The classes that do take the time to build their classroom community are more behaved, better listeners and more respectful.

I like the fact that a lot of the responsibility is placed on the student: self reflection and going to all centers. There is a huge sense of a classroom community that the whole class makes important decisions about taking care of their classroom such as cleaning or layout of the class. Everyone, including the teacher, has the smae amount of space that is theirs.

Distinguishing features of the Daily 5 are:

  • students are taught to be independent
  • the daily 5 manages your entire literacy block
  • provides students a lot of time to read and write
  • integrate reading and writing
  • builds stamina so students can work for a longer time
  • teach students to understand and monitor their goals
  • establishes instructional routines

I’m concerned about the time needed for this program.  It says you need 2 hours uninterrupted. I know that our blocks are never 2 hours. I wonder if it will be possible to alter it.

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