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My experience becoming a Google Educator and some tips

I has kept on hearing about people being Google certified and I was interested. But what was it all about?

If you are interested in becoming a Google Educator, visit this website Google for Education. It has all of the information to begin your journey. In order to begin your training, go to training and then Get Certified.

In my experience I skipped the Learn the Basics section since I was using Google everyday but do what works best for you. If you feel comfortable, as I did, you can move onto Become a Google Educator. I had assumed, as I’m sure some of you assumed that if you use Google Apps everyday, you really don’t need to take the courses in Gmail, Docs & Drive, Calendar and Sites. We are WRONG! Read through the courses! I learned so much reading through them.

In order to become a Google Educator you need to take exams in Gmail, Docs & Drive, Calendar, Sites and you get the choice of one elective: Chrome Browser, Chromebooks, or Tablets with Google Play for Education. My elective that I took was Chrome Browser.

My experience taking these exams was a challenging one. To be fair, I have never been good at exams or really school for that matter. So to be self inflicting myself with 5 exams ‘for fun’ is CRAZY! I did find the exams very detailed and thorough. To be completely honest, I did fail the Gmail and Sites exams and when you fail an exam you have to wait 7 days to try it again.

Google Educator Test Details:

  • 90 minutes
  • 60 questions
  • able to mark them to come back to them
  • 15$ per test
  • if you fail, there is a 7 day waiting period and you have to pay again

Essential advice for becoming a Google Educator.

  • Read through the courses completely
  • Make notes if you need to
  • Keep the training open to quickly find something (Ctrl F)
  • Open and search for answers in google (see below)
  • When searching, use the tests language
  • Have search window and test window open side by side
  • if not sure of a question, mark it and come back to it

Help for exams:

Have these open when you take your exam!

One of my summer goals was to become a Google Educator and now my goal is complete!

Good Luck!

Maker Faire Ottawa

This weekend the Science and Tech museum is hosting Mini Maker Faire Ottawa. It’s a fair all about people who make things. Some of the tables had jewellery, book bindings, puppets, 3D printing, LEGO and so much more. Here are some pics.

Me just hanging out with R2D2!

A maker had a machine that would make pictures out of Skittles!

This is a machine that makes martinis!

A maker that make puppet heads.

A whole bunch of 3D printing!

Steve making music with Makey Makey kits.

And I loved these posters:

There was also an education panel about maker education. The panel was led by Luc Lalande (@LucLalande) and on the panel was Paul McGuire (@mcguirp), Shauna Pollock (@misspollock), Rick Alexanderson and Alison Evans Adnani (@maker_junior). They talked about different perspectives of maker education such as parents, teachers and principals.

Some really great points were brought up:

  • Luc, Paul and Shauna all learned or connected with maker education at Edcamp Ottawa
  • Shauna said “Creation is so much more important that consumption nowadays”
  • The maker movement is messy, student led, about making mistakes and figuring out problems as a team or with an expert
  • The maker movement teaches our students the 21st century learning skills they need now!
  • Alison said kids today need to learn with their hands not be told things. Learning is so much more deep when it is hands on.
  • Failure is key in the maker movement. Students need to be able to problem solve
  • You learn so much about yourself while making.
  • Paul said teachers need to flexible with the curriculum to make real ah ha moments

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