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You get a phone call for a job. Awesome! An LTO for the year. You know that there is an end date. You know you are only at the school for one year. You know the end is approaching.

Yet we cannot help get attached, settled, & comfortable. We make friendships, make our class into our second home and make crucial relationships with students all with an end date looming.

My classroom is all packed up, the walls and desks are bare and I feel this bittersweet feeling. I’m so excited for this summer, so many professional workshops to attend and books to read but I also feel a sense of dread. Next year I won’t be at the same school. My students asked me why I wanted to leave them and I started to cry. I don’t want to leave but that’s the way that life works sometimes. It’s so hard to explain it to kids. How do you share what an incredible year you had with them and that you will never forget them?

The best thing I did this year

The best thing I did this year was dance with my students. Thank goodness for Go Noodle, this year it really helped my class out. We danced, we breathed, we got flow together. My students and I danced to happy more times than I can count and they laughed uncontrollably at my awesome dance moves. I think that was my highlight of my year-Dancing and laughing with them.

The other best thing I did this year was be myself. Sometimes that means being sarcastic, sometimes that meant giving my students a really hard time jokingly. I always made them laugh at the end of our talks and that made them change their attitude and turn their day around. 

Being a teacher really is about making connections with your students and trying however you can to make a difference. I did that this year by dancing, joking, and chats so all in all, it was a great year.

Finally…. A contract

It has been 6 years of supply teaching and LTO’s. I’ve applied to 403 jobs, and had numerous unsuccessful interviews but this one stuck. So happy to announce that I’m officially a contract learning resource teacher for the OCDSB. So excited to start this journey and I’m feeling like all my hard work is finally paying off.

Today is the day!

I’m nervous. Today is hopefully the day I’ve been waiting going on 7 years for. Today in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board list 3B comes out with some contracts and some LTO jobs. I’m applying to both but hoping for a contract. I’ve been working so hard for this, it has to be my year. Right?

Please cross your fingers for me!

1st proud teary moment today

Right now we are working on an end of the year yearbook. We have already drawn our school and a picture of me, their teacher, but today’s work was about what their proudest moment was. We went through and shared our ideas. The one that made me cry was when one of my students said “I’m proud I learned how to read.” That is definitely what I’m most proud of too. I helped students learn to read this year. A skill they will need and use for their entire lives.
It’s pretty amazing!

I will not …

As the June hiring process rolls around I’m starting to feel very discouraged. I know teaching is the job for me. I know this is what I’m supposed to do.

Even though this process is completely out of my control, I will not back down,
I will not give up, I will not stop learning, I will not stop trying to improve, I will not stop believing!

So I bought an iGuy for my iPad so I could feel confident giving it to my students and them not breaking it.  Obviously the second my students saw him, they wanted to name him. Here is the list of the options we came up with. Of course, my students’ obsession with Go Noodle helped us with some suggestions. We finally voted and named him Zapp after Zapp Von Doubler from Go Noodle.

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