Hello! I’m Amy Bowker, an elementary teacher for the OCDSB in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I am a Co-Organizer of Edcamp Ottawa, a Co-Founder of Think Tank Ottawa and Ontario’s Edchat (ONedchat). I am a dedicated teacher who loves to learn new ways to teach my students.

At school I believe in connecting my classroom to the world and using technology to share our learning. I am on our school’s Leadership Team, Technology Team and am a certified Google for Education Certified Trainer.

I have been fortunate to be a presenter at Edcamp Ottawa, ETFO’s Summer Academy, and helped train teachers at my school how to use Google Apps for Education. I also have my own YouTube page where I share tutorials.

Here are some workshops that I have given and if you are interested in a workshop, please contact me at If you have a workshop in mind that you do not see below, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss what kind of workshop you wish.

Workshop Descriptions:

Google Apps for Education:

This hands-on workshop will focus on the basic functionality and use of Google Apps For Education. Attendees will learn to navigate the Gmail interface, manage calendars, create and share folders, documents, presentations and forms. This workshop will also help teachers organize their teaching resources and show ways to assess students quickly and easily.

Social Media in the Classroom:

Learn how to set up your classroom to sharing. This hands on workshop will demonstrate how to use Twitter, Blogging, and Youtube in your classroom and you will leave with accounts for all of these media forms and be able to use them in your classroom.

Connect your Classroom with the World:

Technology has changed the way our world connects. We can share, chat, and ask questions to others all around the world. During this hands on session, you will learn how to use Twitter, Skype, and Google Hangouts to connect your classroom with the world. You will leave with accounts for each of these tools and know how to implement them the next day into your classroom.

Digital Citizenship:

During this workshop, you will learn what Digital Citizenship is and why it is essential that we teach it. I will share with you units and lessons you can use for Grade K-8 classrooms and printables you can use in your classroom right away.

Start your year off right with Google Apps for Education:

The beginning of the year is our busiest time as educators and we need to be effective and organized. Google Apps for Education is just the tool to help you do this. In this hands on workshop, you will leave having created a ‘Get to know you’  Google form for students and parents, knowledge of how to make a Class Group in GMail for easy contact, create a classroom calendar that can be shared with parents and students, and create a folder to organize your year and students.

Blogging in the Classroom or Professionally:

This hands on workshop will discuss what a blog is, the benefits of having one, and help you create a blog for either your classroom or yourself during the session.

DeBunking the misconceptions of student learning online:

Is your staff leary to connect online? This workshop will address and ease their fears of going online and show them ways that they can get online in stages so that they feel comfortable. This workshop will address using Twitter, Blogging, and using Remind to contact parents.

Easy Assessments using Google Apps for Education:

Learn how to use Google Apps for Education for quick and easy assessments. You will learn how to keep organized while taking pictures of students and their work, using forms for pre or post assessments, how to provide meaningful feedback with comments, and how to create a form that you will use to document learning, behaviour issues, parents contact and more.

Connecting your School to the World:

Connecting your school to the world is great for communication with parents, as well as the community. With this hands on workshop you will learn how to use twitter, facebook and blog to promote and communicate what is going on in your school.

What They Say:


This was a great experience. This presenter was very organized but calm which people need when learning new technology. She should be overtly encouraged to go further with her work.

Amy Bowker is an excellent instructor for this course. Very helpful, fun, and organized with daily agenda and slides. Really glad I took this course.

Wow, very well prepared. Presenter was available to people before during and after workshop day. Timings were relaxed which I appreciated. No pressure.

Amy was such an engaging facilitator. So much fun

Demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate, repeat, repeat, repeat, 1:1 coaching/answering questions, PATIENCE & HUMOUR 🙂

Absolutely loved her relaxed attitude and her sense of humour. She was perfect at creating a cooperative atmosphere. I feel like she could be on awesome contact when I need help or suggestions.

Thank you to ETFO! Incredible experience. Amy Bowker is a super strong, well organized, and effective presenter.

Amy is a terrific leader. I found it overwhelming with so much to try out in the condensed time but Amy handled it all very well.

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  1. Elisabeth Hill
    January 23, 2018 at 7:40 pm (1 year ago)

    Do you offer any courses to students and parents on Howe to use google classroom?
    I love that they use the computer but when you don’t know how to use the operating system, it makes it pretty hard.


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