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PD: Painting & Printmaking

I was so honoured to be chosen to go to the painting and printmaking workshop. I find that we new teachers focus so much on learning about math and language but rarely focus on learning about the arts. Today was my day to learn.

First: Watercolours

Before you begin to paint you need to put a wash on (when you put water all over the paper).

Different watercolour techniques:

Salt resist- Pint first and make sure paint is really wet, then sprinkle salt over the paint and the salt absorbs the paint.

Tape resist
Put masking tape on paper in a pattern, paint over and when dry take off masking tape (green or blue painting tape works best for this).

Wax crayon
White/yellow/lime colours work best
-hard to see white for kids
Make a pattern or design and wax resists paint and then paint over

Watercolour & marker
Make a shape and paint the whole scene. Trace shape in marker

We then got to make a large painting using several techniques we tried.
If painting a large painting- steps are 1) wax crayon,2) watercolour 3) wax crayon 4) marker

When painting with watercolours you can use water colour paper or non shiny side of bristol board

Second:Colour experiments


Use water and food colouring and syringes (without needles)

Get students to mix in ice cube trays and then write their discovery in pencil crayon or marker on sheet


Have bucket near by so the students can dump it when ice cube tray is full

Third: Teaching Value
Mixing black and white to make several shades of gray.

We were given 3 trays of white paint and 3 trays of blank paint. We were allowed to mix them to create different shades of grey.

Fourth: Printmaking with styrofoam tray

You need to get a styrofoam plate or meat container. Get the students to draw a picture using a pencil or pencil crayon. When they are done, they use a roller to cover the tray or plate with paint and then firmly press down onto paper.

My plate:

And my print:

Fifth: Printmaking with assorted objects

You can use sponges, yarn, scrunched up paper, marbles, erasers or anything else you can find in your classroom. Start with the biggest shape first and work from there. Great way to teach texture.

Here is mine. I used sponges, an eraser on the top of a pencil and scrunched up paper.

I finally got to try out a Wall of Hearts inspired by Local Ottawa artist AliCat. I got the whole school involved! To see the previous post with instructions, click here.

 Here is a Book about Lines that I created for my class. We are going to do an introduction lesson about what a line is, and different kinds of lines. Then, they will work on this book, tracing the words and drawing the different kinds of lines.

Types of Lines included: Straight, Wavy, Zig Zag, Loopy, Thick, Thin, Spiral, Broken, and their choice.

I’m going to print the sheets double sided, cut the sheet in half and staple on the left side.

Please download and share if you like it.

AliCat inspired Valentine’s Day Art Project


If you’re from Ottawa, I’m sure you have heard of one of our local artists AliCat aka Alison Fowler. For the last couple of years around Valentine’s day she paints many hearts and creates a Wall of H’arts. Her picture of her Wall of Hearts inspired me for a Valentine’s themed activity. It could be just for your class or a whole school activity.

Print out the outline of the heart here. Photocopy as many as you need. Cut the paper on the blue line, so it becomes a square.

Then let your students design the heart and the background using any medium they want to. I would display our ‘Wall of Hearts’ with all of my students creations on a wall in a grid.

I would put on the side of our Wall of Heart’s information about AliCat and how we were inspired by her. You can find a premade one here.

I think it is such a great idea because you have the same starting point and then the students can show their individual style and creativity. It would be so great to do this in different grades to see the progression from kindergarten to Grade 6 or 8. They also have something to take home afterwards.