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IEP’s at a Glance

I don’t know about you but I have several IEP’s on the go and have a hard time keeping them all straight. All of the IEP at a glance sheets I found were one student per page but sometimes you just need a quick reference. This is what I created to help myself, and I hope you find it useful.  To download this, please click on the poster.

IEP at a Glance (2)

Learning about Classroom Cribs and their Challenge

I’m not sure if you have heard of Classroom Cribs. It’s a new website that just focuses on setting up our classrooms in the best way possible. It focuses on how we can set up our classroom in the best way for our students. I watched a webinar with the amazing Erin Klein talking about her experience with classroom design and here is what I learned:

  • neutral colours
  • get the students input
  • less posters and things on the wall
  • less stuff
  • lamp lighting
  • print out anchor charts you aren’t using anymore in powerpoint so they can have it in their writing binder
  • keep everything eye level and reachable
  • get rid of your teacher desk
  • just keep out books on the topic you are teaching of holidays
  • Materials are in easy reach for the students but enough distance that the students can get up and move to get what they need. 
  • the need for classroom jobs will start to pop up. Let the kids introduce the idea. They get a job for the whole year and therefore they get really good at it.

Classroom Cribs is hosting a challenge to transform your classroom into a better learning space for your students. If you would like to sign up or know more information, please click here.

Dreaming: If you could design your own classroom and money is own object

I have always loved getting the new IKEA catalogue in my mailbox and I would always immediately crack the pages and begin to plan my dream house or bedroom. When I received it in my mailbox yesterday, I, of course, was excited but started thinking about my classroom I have to set up in a couple of weeks.

Imagine someone came up to you and told you that you could go on a shopping spree to create and buy whatever you wanted for your classroom?

My dream would be to take my whole class to IKEA as a field trip and buy everything we wanted together. Wouldn’t that be such a cool experience? And of course we would have to end the trip with ice cream cones for everyone!

Anyways, I was going through the IKEA catalogue I started dreaming and decided to come up with a list of things that I would buy for my classroom.

Here we go!

Huge Couch:


Different kinds of seating:



Love that these ones have wheels on them for quick meetings and collaboration.


Seating and storage? Sold!


How awesome would these be in a classroom for some quiet reading time for students.

Love these foot stool which could also be just stools and they have storage inside!


If it were my choice, I wouldn’t have desks in my classroom. I would have tables. I would love to paint them with DryErase paint.

Love this coffee table as a fun work place for students and its on wheels so it can easily move around to where they want to work.

Storage and Organization:

Wouldn’t these be great to have for paper storage?

I would love these for center organization or having one bin per student.

I thought this was a great idea for the cubby area for the students mitts, hats, scarves.

Of course, a classroom wouldn’t be a classroom with bookshelves. I would prefer them to be lower and reachable for the students.


I love the idea of making your classroom more homey and comfortable. Area rugs is a great way. I love these two rugs because they are so bright and cheery.


I really don’t like the hard florescent lighting in schools so I would get lot so lamps to brightening up the classroom.

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my IKEA classroom dream. What would yours look like?

Free Teacher Planner

Hey guys,

Last year I really wanted to buy a teaching planner but didn’t want to spend the money and found that all of the premade ones didn’t fit my schedule or what I wanted.

So I created my own! It has:

  • fun, inspiration cover
  • place for your info
  • spot for birthdays
  • classroom volunteers
  • student/parent contact information
  • How students get home
  • monthly calendar
  • at a glance monthly teaching benchmarks
  • pages for staff & grade meetings
  • and Notes/ideas pages

For some reason, uploaded onto Google Docs it messes up the pages, so you may have to play around with it a bit. When you download it to Word, the alignment is perfect.

Click here for the Google Drive version or here for the pdf version.

Make sure you print this planner double sided!

Here are some pictures of the planner.






Ketchup, Mustard, and Pickles

This is a Ketchup, Mustard, and Pickle Board for my classroom. I put them in order of being completed. I like a little bit of white space so I can write what needs to be completed or what approved activities are. This idea is from the amazing Shauna Pollock.

Please download it if you like it!

I just finished this ‘Where are we’ Board.’ I used a $3 cookie pan from Dollarama, washi tape from Michaels and labels from Staples. I’m going to print out the students names on magnetic sheets and then they will be in charge of moving their name around.