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Learning Skills-Self Assessing and Reflecting

I created the below document to help my students learn about the learning skills we assess them on in Ontario. I am going to give them this document at the beginning of the year so that they can create goals about these learning skills. I want my students to  be able to self-assess and reflect on what they can do better for the next term.

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Reflective Teaching: 30 days of blogging for teachers Day 19

Day 19

Name three powerful ways students can reflect on their learning, then discuss closely the one you use most often.

1) Goal Making
Goal making seems to be an amazing way that students can set goals in their own learning and then reflect back on how they did. When they reflect on their goals it important that they set new updated goals based on their reflections.

2) I can statements
This year I’m using specific I can statements so students can know where they are on that subject, make goals, and then reflect back on how they did on that specific statement.

3) Conferences with teacher with or without parents
I think it is important to meet with students one on one at least weekly to see how they are doing. You can bring up some trouble you think that they are having or ask them what they think. I’m going to do that this year. Set one attainable goal WITH the students say and then next week or meeting check in on the specific goal and add to it or keep on working on it.
I think it’s important during parent conferences that the students reflect on their own work and show their parents the work they are most proud of.

Decision time: Who do you want to be?

For so long I have been a supply teacher on a quest for a contract. I joined committees, created websites, attended workshops all to achieve that final goal.

Now that I have part of a contract, with hopefully more to come soon, I am trying to find a new goal.

Today, I was talking to Amy Laidlaw, a teacher and a teacherspayteachers product creator and she was discussing how awesome making products for teacherspayteachers is. Check out her teacherspayteachers store here. I was interested immediately at the idea of making new resources and sharing them. I began googling how to create teacherspayteachers products and watching tutorials. But how much can one person do? What kind of educator do I want to be?

I know I want to become an awesome educator. I want to reflect and continually make changes to my teaching practice to keep on improving. 

I know I want to continue to meet with other educators, sharing and discussing all things education.

Right now, I have a lot going on and coming up.

  • Teaching for my 2nd year

All of these projects help me become a better educator and share with other educators which is my goal. I need to make sure that when I commit to something, that it is helping me develop into who I want to become and that I have time to do that project well. 

Thank you Amy for sharing your passion and encouraging me to try something I would have never thought I could do. I would love to start my own teacherspayteachers store but it will be put on hold for now.