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Week 2: Cold Thaw Collaboration Challenge

I am participating in the Cold Thaw Collaboration Challenge being put on by the wonderful Maria Verwey. For week 2 we have been asked what we are reading, what our professional goals are for this year and our one word for 2015.


Right now I’m reading ‘Making Thinking Visible’ which is my book club book. 047091551x

This upcoming Wednesday we are reading and discussing Chapter 2. Last week we discussed Chapter 1 and I was blown away by the amazing discussion we had. You can still participate and sign up here.

I’m also reading ‘What Great Teachers do Differently’ by Todd Whitaker.


Right now I have a lot of professional goals. I became a Google Educator in the summer and I’m working on becoming a Google Trainer this year.

Since it is my first year being a contract and permanent teacher, I’ve been focused on learning about how a school really works. I joined the School Learning Plan Committee (SLP), the Lead Team, and am hoping to be on our Technology Team.

I’m also focused on continuing to provide great PD opportunities. I am hoping to do that through a Summer Conference I’m hoping to help plan, my #bowkerbook club that is happening right now and maybe in the summer months, applying to present at a ETFO Summer Academy workshop and another Edcamp Ottawa next fall. I am also hoping to continue with Ontario’s Edchat (@Onedchat) and make it more popular.

In my classroom I also want to focus more on learning rather than marks and continuing to try to collaborate and do cool projects even though it seems to not be working out this year.

My One Word: 

My one word is Care. I wrote a post about it here.


My 1st time teaching teachers

As teachers, we always teach students. I have taught students from kindergarten all the way to Grade 8 during my 7 year career as a teacher. Teaching teachers is new to me though.

I began this journey since I want to become a Google trainer. I have done some training through my youtube how to videos but I thought before applying to be a Google trainer I should teach some teachers in real life.


I transferred schools and noticed that teachers in my new school only use gmail in GAFE and I wanted to share how amazing and powerful these tools are. I sent out an email containing a Google form and asked which Google apps they would be interested in learning about. After their feedback I set up a time where most people could come, and a schedule.

Last Tuesday was our first training that focused on Gmail. I noticed that teachers are just like students. They have questions, they want to try out their learning right away, and they need one on one help and guidance sometimes. I also really noticed that teachers just like students learn at their own pace and the trainer needs to follow the flow of the audience. My group started working on making labels so we didn’t get to finish my training. It was fine because they were excited about it.

Excited to train them all about Google Drive next Tuesday!

Big Week of Big Steps

This week I am swamped. So busy but I’m honestly thrilled. I’m taking action on goals that I have made and it all starts this week.

On this Tuesday morning I’m going to start training my colleagues at my school to use GAFE (Google Apps for Education). This week we are focusing on Gmail and I’m so excited. The response from my school hasn’t been exactly what I would have hoped for but I’m trudging on and excited to inspired some of my colleagues about the awesomeness of GAFE. This is the next step so I can become a Google Trainer and I’m hoping I’m successful!

Also this week, my 2nd book chat starts. We are reading Making Thinking Visible and 47 amazing educators signed up to talk about the book. I’m so excited because this is such an amazing book and the book chat’s hashtag is #bowkerbooks which is just so fun for me.

Big steps will either have Big Fails or Big Successes. Time will tell but I’m excited either way!