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Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Something I really want to do better in my classroom is having respectful, thoughtful and passionate discussions about many varied topics. One way I want to do this is by having a Statement of the Week.

So each week you introduce a statement such as ‘Zoos are awesome’ or ‘Students should have to wear uniforms’ and based on the statement, your student have to go to one of the 4 corners. Each corner will be labeled with a piece of paper that says Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree. In their corners they will discuss with the other students in that corner why they feel that way about the topic. They will go back to their desks and circle their point of view and write why they feel that way.

Then for the week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you read articles based on the statement with differing points of views. Each day your students will write down the name of the article and the key ideas in that article.

Friday, the students need to evaluate their initial viewpoint and then analyze their key learnings from each article. Then they need to choose a final viewpoint and defend why they are keeping the same point of view or why they changed it. Then they will have a discussion where they try to convince the other corners that their corners are right. Then they will have to fill in the sheet on their final verdict.

I have added a option of a pro and con list on the back so that if the students are stuck on their options, they can use that to decide which point of view is correct.

Click on either picture or here to get your own copy of the Statement of the week.


To find the best articles, use Newsela. Newsela is a site that has tons of articles on different subjects and can be sorted by age range and language. You can find an article about your statement and then choose Lexile levels to suit your students reading levels. This way you can differentiate easily but all your students will still be able to participate on the same statement.


Learning about Accountable Talk

Accountable Talk PD – November 10th, 2014

Our School’s Mission Statement for our SLP:
If we engage students in accountable talk and model the strategies then students will have better understanding.

What do we know about accountable talk?

  • oral communication
  • describes
  • ownership/accountable for learning
  • students talking to each other in class
  • explains and can answer questions
  • focusing on big ideas
  • script-I agree with ____ because___
  • I disagree with ____ because____

What do we wonder about accountable talk?

  • would love a guide to know how to implement it in our classrooms
  • a concrete definition to what accountable talk is
  • what is the past term for accountable talk

Lucy West Video on Accountable Talk:

  • need to learn how to listen to the teacher and other students
  • need to encourage students sharing with other students
  • need to repeat over and over again
  • need to SLOW DOWN in our teaching and focus on what students heard
  • always ask further questions when students answer questions
  • What does Revoice mean? Means rewording what a student said
  • ”student talking to learn”

Accountable Talk is….:

  • less teacher talk, more students explaining and teaching each other
  • students being respectful with a rich discussion
  • visible thinking
  • teacher is a guide to allow students to come to their own conclusions
  • articulation of students thinking
  • need to create a safe classroom so students feel safe to fail/make mistakes

Lucy West video-Barriers to Accountable Talk:

  • about the task

Why is Accountable Talk important:

  • need to clearly, concisely make your self be understood
  • clarifying thinking
  • discovery learning
  • drawing conclusions
  • inquiry learning
  • we want to communicate with others, we need to teach them to talk with a purpose

How can we make Accountable Talk work in our Classroom?
Need to create a safe classroom for accountable talk to happen

  • explicitly teach it and model it
  • mixed ability groupings
  • use talking stick/object so students can only talk when they have the object
  • visual reminder

Teacher Prompts:

  • I’ll restate/revoice what you just said. Listen to make sure I got it right.
  • ”How do you know it’s true?”
  • ”How are these things similar/different?”
  • “Can you repeat what he just said in your own words?”
  • “Can you tell me more about that?”
  • “Ok. Let me see if I understand.”

Student Prompts:

  • “How are they similar/different?”
  • “What I heard is….”
  • “So what you’re saying is…”
  • “I do think this because…”

Language Stems:

Accountable Talk Toolkit: