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Taking Risks and being blown away with the results!

So I have been reading about failing epically lately and realized that I don’t take many risks. I decided to host my own book chat and if no one signed up – oh well.

Well tonight was the first week and I tweeted the welcome tweet and waiting (very anxiously). People Showed up! Yay! We had a great conversation and I cannot wait until next week!

THANK YOU to those of you that signed up. I’m so overwhelmed that you would take the time to chat with me!

Drive: Summer Book Chat Schedule

Here is the chat schedule. Every chat will happen on Twitter at 7pm est. The hashtag will be #ccsbc14

July 3rd: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

July 10th: Chapter 2A & 3

July 24th: Chapter 4

July 31st: Chapter 5

August 7th: Chapter 6

August 14th: Pg 185: type 1 for parents and educators: ten ideas to help our kids

If you do not have a twitter account yet, please watch this video to learn how to make an account

Summer Book Chat

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get really excited about summer. Long hot days, cool drinks, naps, and relaxing. Of course my mind wanders back to teaching and what I’m going to do for professional development.

I would love to host a book chat. I have collected a bunch of books that I would like to read. I was thinking about having a vote to see which one we would choose and then have twitter chats every week.

Would you be interested?
Sign up in this google form and let me know if there are any books you want to read!