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Reasons why all educators NEED a twitter account!

At first, I didn’t understand Twitter at all and was very reluctant. Then I made an account, but was still really confused. Now, I use it on a daily basis and love it. Here are my reasons why all educators should have a twitter account.

1) Support:
Are you feeling overwhelmed and feel like you need some help or advice? Twitter has a massive amount of amazing educators who are more than happy to help you. Twitter is a community. We share, learn and discuss. Just ask for help – it is there!

2) Asking Questions:
Maybe you just got new technology in your classroom and need resources. Just ask!

For example:



We are all here to learn and grow together!

3) New Exciting Technology/Professional Development:
Nowadays there is always a new term, app, website or tool. Being on twitter helps you keep up to date and lets you to determine what can help your classroom.

Twitter is also the way that I’ve found about many awesome Professional Development opportunities such as @EdcampOttawa, @PlaydateOttawa, #DENVirtCon, EdmodoCon and so many more.


This is a pic of the @PlaydateOttawa team planning our event!

4) Cool projects:
There is always cool new projects that you can join in. Right now I’m part of @MrsWideen “Full of Beans Global Project” which focuses on K-2 classes growing beans and sharing their learning by blogging, taking pictures, journaling, and skyping. image

I also found out about @SkypeClassroom through twitter. It is a site that you can request or find people to skype with about certain topics. I have chatted with many classes around the world, read stories with them, and spoken to authors.

image5) Educational Chats:

Every night there is a different chat going on. There are chats for new teachers (#ntchat), Canadian Teachers (#cdnedchat) and so many more. @Cybraryman1 has a huge list which you can find here. These chats help you connect with other educators, talk about new resources, or different teaching techniques.